I have always felt like I was the luckiest person in the world to have met Ati Gropius in 1990. I took a Color class she taught, Josef Albers', The Interaction of Color and was smitten. Ati was a direct student of Albers. She was also the daughter of Walter Gropius, founder of The Bauhaus. She dedicated her entire life to both Albers and Bauhaus teachings. I followed Ati around for the next 27 years taking her courses over and over. Eventually I taught along side her and in the end I was chosen to become her successor. I became proficient in Albers' work, The Interaction of Color, and two Bauhaus courses called Two Dimensional Design and Three Dimensional Thinking.

Ati and I talked constantly about color and design all the way through our friendship, topics that endlessly fascinated both of us no matter where we were together. We taught along side each other at prestigious institutions such as The DeCordova Museum and then at The Museum of Modern Art.

My teaching at The Museum of Modern Art led me to not ever want to leave that Museum. I returned 6 months later after having designed several products for them so that I could get back in the door. MoMA's team and I spent the following 2 years designing exclusive product for the Museum, a rare experience for an artist and one of the most important to me.

I continue to create new Color and Design Fine Art Prints that focus on the pure beauty of Color and Design which honor all of the work I did with Ati, and my dedication to Albers and The Bauhaus.